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Allegra Jordan

ALLEGRA JORDAN is the author of THE END OF INNOCENCE, which she wrote to entertain people who love elegant culture, to encourage those who have had deep grief, and for communities who have felt life’s claws.

At Harvard, a mysterious Latin memorial surprised her and showed her “the way things are” is not always the way things have to be. She has dedicated her life to the idea that we are ultimately here to flourish. At, she handled crisis communications for the Enron investigation, and has taught innovation in 16 countries on five continents. Her articles, cases, and book reviews have appeared in USA Today, TEDx, and in publications by Duke, Harvard, and UT-Austin. She curates a top-ranked reconciliation poetry website.

A graduate with honors of Harvard Business School, she has been humbled to be a top executive under 40 in Austin, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama. Each step helped her learn more about how difficult, yet rewarding, this journey is.

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