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Bill Curry

For more than 40 years, BILL CURRY's inspirational messages have mesmerized audiences. Using a commanding, passionate, and often humorous delivery, he connects with each listener, leaving a profound impression every time he speaks. Bill's is an old-school message delivered with contemporary flair.

Bill was a two-time Super Bowl Champion and played in two NFL Pro Bowls. As an NCAA coach, Bill was named National Coach of the Year at University of Alabama and later became the first head football coach ever at Georgia State University. As an ESPN commentator, he regularly shared his thoughts with a worldwide audience of millions. When Bill talks of discipline and success, his life experience is proof-positive of the effectiveness of his methods.

Throughout his career, Bill faced a wide range of mettle-testing adversities. His NFL career was cut short by a catastrophic knee injury. In Super Bowl III, Bill's Baltimore Colts suffered a humiliating loss in the greatest sports upset of all time. Bill's coaching career included mind-numbing lows and devastating tragedies. When Bill talks of perseverance and toughness, he speaks with an authoritative voice steeled by his personal experiences.

Bill played for some of the greatest coaches of all time, including Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, and Bobby Dodd. His teammates included legendary players like Willie Davis, Bart Starr, and Johnny Unitas. Bill has studied the lives and methods of his personal heroes from past generations, ranging from Helen Keller and Rudyard Kipling to Theodore Roosevelt and Goethe. When Bill talks of leadership and success, his is a personal message molded by his extraordinary mentors and role models.

Whatever the message you wish to communicate—success, leadership, team-building, perseverance, some other topic in the "Wonder of You" Series, or even an agenda that you help design—Bill will do so in a resounding manner the attendees will never forget.


A Tenth Anniversary Edition of his memoir, TEN MEN YOU MEET IN THE HUDDLE, is being released by Mercer University Press (Nov 2018.)

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