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Our Mission

Our Mission

     As author advocates who are passionate about literature, Magic Time Literary Publicity represents award-winning and bestselling authors from around the country. Focusing on the creation of national tours, many authors achieve bestseller status through heartfelt representation. It is a great honor to partner with booksellers to create meaningful events with libraries, universities, nonprofits, and professional/civic organizations.

     Our strategic vision leads the way in all that we do. The quintessential tenet of our strategy is in meaningful introductions. We introduce our authors and their books into the literary sphere with a particular story in mind. By capturing the most fascinating and differentiating essence of each author, we then successfully introduce them into a competitive market—winning them a devoted readership.

     With more than ten of our books making bestseller lists in the past two years, Magic Time Literary Publicity assures continued growth and success.

On Ocean Boulevard.jpg

Mary Alice Monroe

I am forever grateful to my dear friend and manager, Kathie Bennett, founder of Magic Time Literary Publicity, for being a relentless champion of my body of work and for her staunch faith in the why of my writing.

The Emancipation of Evan Walls Cover.jpg

Jeffrey Blount

With a very meaningful and successful book tour behind me, it is time to thank the amazing woman who made it happen. Kathie Bennett, owner of Magic Time Literary Publicity. Thank you, Kathie, from very deep in my writer's heart. We brought The Emancipation of Evan Walls to you and you brought it to readers around the country. You gave me and my book a terrific platform to spread its message and to start so many positive conversations. If I gave it life, you gave it the world. And I love you for it.

The Book of Lost Names.jpg

Kristin Harmel

Kathie works tirelessly on behalf of her authors, and together with her husband Roy and their team, assembles the kind of book tours and prepublication buzz that most authors only dream of.

Ribbons of Scarlet.jpg

Stephanie Dray

Kathie has a real passion for her books and really goes the extra mile. It's not just that she's well-connected and professionally knowledgeable--it's that she's willing to brave Florida critter-infested foliage at four in the morning to scale security fences wearing snakeskin pointy flats  just to make sure her authors get to events on time!

Tell Me A Story.jpg

Cassandra King

Working with Magic Time Literary Publicity, under the skillful and dynamic leadership of Kathie Bennett, has been an absolute pleasure. Kathie and her extraordinary staff do an amazing job of getting to know not only your work but also you as an author before planning events that are tailor-made to connect you to the perfect audience of readers.

Feels Like Falling.jpg

Kristy Woodson Harvey

Kathie, you exhaust me, and I love you for it. You have given me so much of what I had always imagined this life to be.

In Polite Company.jpg

Gervais Hagerty

Kathie is as elegant as she is determined. I am amazed at her focus, her follow-through, and her passion for connecting people in the book world. She is a tireless champion for authors. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my publicist, and even luckier to call her a friend.

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