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Ribbons of Scarlet
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Kate Quinn

KATE QUINN, a native of Southern California, attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classical Voice. A lifelong history buff, she has written four novels in the Empress of Rome Saga, and two books set in the Italian Renaissance, before turning to the 20th century with THE ALICE NETWORK and THE HUNTRESS (Feb 2019). All have been translated into multiple languages.

Kate and her husband now live in San Diego with two black dogs named Caesar and Calpurnia. Her interests include opera, action movies, cooking, and the Boston Red Sox.

RIBBONS OF SCARLET, a novel about the women of the French Revolution, will be released October 1, 2019. This new novel is a collaboration of six bestselling authors—Kate Quinn, Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie, E. Knight, Heather Webb, and Sophie Perinot.

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